Janet V. Markovits, LMT has been a NY State licensed massage therapist since 1997. She studied MotherMassage® with Elaine Stillerman and took over her practice in 1993 which is when Maternal Massage and More was born. Maternal Massage and More specializes in prenatal and postpartum massage, labor support and baby massage. With the use of the bodycushion clients will be able to lie comfortably and safely on their belly throughout their entire pregnancy. It is so comfortable clients do not want to get off the table.

Janet has had the pleasure of working with women through 2 and 3 pregnancies and couldn’t think of a more special clientele to work with. Janet sees many clients from beginning to end and helps them through the many discomforts that happen during pregnancy ranging from back pain, headaches, sciatica to swollen legs and feet, carpel tunnel and general maintenance and relaxation. She has also studied sports massage, lymphatic drainage and craniosacral therapy. She uses a combination of these modalities and each treatment is catered to the client’s needs. Janet also teaches labor support where the partner comes in for a hands on lesson on how to massage them during labor. We also go over acupressure and reflexology points which can induce and speed labor up. It is a wonderful way to get your partner involved in the process. Lastly Janet also does postpartum and baby massage. You will need a massage after the baby is born just as much as while you did while you were pregnant but for all different reasons. They don’t call it labor for nothing. You may not be are not sleeping well, nursing, sore or achy from the labor itself or from now carrying a newborn and all the things that come along with it; postpartum massage will help tremendously; and Janet’s favorite baby massage. She loves getting to meet the end product of this beautiful process. Baby massage classes are given privately and in groups. Specific techniques will be taught to use if the baby has, chest or sinus congestion, colic or any digestive issues. It is a great way to calm the baby down and get them to sleep; and a wonderful way to bond with your baby.

Janet has offices in Soho and Park Slope, Brooklyn and is available for housecalls.



Isa Herrera, MSPT ,CSCS owns and operates Renew Physical Therapy, a leading healing center in New York City. She has dedicated her career to helping women and men find relief from conditions such as dyspareunia, incontinence, pelvic pain, prolapse and pre and post-natal complications. Ms Herrera's approach to healing is holistic, utilizing techniques that tie together mind-painful body components.  She believes that everyone holds the key to their pain relief, all they need is to be shown the way. Her goal is to always empower her patients with the tools they need to succeed on their own. 

Her passion for women’s health and healing began after working for many years with pregnant women, who many times suffered from sexual pain and other problems after the birth of their children. Her experience with these women inspired her decision to further her studies, by getting her Master's in Physical Therapy.  Herrera's experience with her patients lead to the development of her treatment protocols and therapeutic methods, which fuse together many types of exercises, self-care practice and relaxation techniques. 

Ms. Herrera's other program at Renew PT is called Bodyworks Orthopedics and centers on expert therapy with empowerment and self-help for athletes, and all manner of conditions, with special focus on spinal injuries. 

She has appeared on national television on both The Regis and Kelly Show and NBC’s Today Show, where she promoted her work and her first book, “The Pregnant Couples Guide to Working Together.” She is currently working on her second book "End Female Pain" which will be completed in Jan 2009. Ms Herrera holds a Masters in Physical Therapy from Hunter College and a BA in Psychology and Biology from Fordham University.




Dr. Randi Jaffe received her Doctor of Chiropractic degree in1997 and has been practicing ever since. She specializes in the treatment of women during and after their pregnancies. She has taken numerous hours in continuing education in the areas of pre and postnatal care and has worked with hundreds of women during this very special time in their lives.

Some of the common conditions that Dr. Jaffe treats both during and after pregnancy are lower back pain, sciatica, pain in the neck, upper, and middle back areas, carpal tunnel syndrome, pubic-symphysis dysfunction, and misalignment of the coccyx bone. Additionally, Dr. Jaffe is certified in the Webster Technique for breech presentation, a highly successful and gentle option for assisting baby into the vertex or head-down position.

Not only is chiropractic wonderful for handling the aches and pains of pregnancy and the postpartum period, it is also extremely helpful in preparing your body for labor and delivery. One of the goals of treatment is to make sure that the pelvis is aligned and in the best possible position for delivery. In addition, many women choose chiropractic care during their pregnancies for general health and wellbeing, receiving routine chiropractic treatments regardless of any pain or dysfunction. This type of treatment is part of the overall holistic approach that many women have begun to take toward their pregnancies.

Dr. Jaffe is caring and compassionate with each of her patients. She emphasizes the educational aspect of your healthcare, as well as the healing aspect. She lives on Long Island with her husband Michael and their two daughters. Dr. Jaffe is extremely passionate about her work and feels so blessed to be able to work with such wonderful women and their families.




Julia Mannes is a professional birth doula and yoga instructor. She provides down-to-earth support throughout prenatal planning, labor and delivery. Julia specializes in prenatal and parent-baby yoga and teaches at Area Yoga in Brooklyn, Kula Yoga in Tribeca, and Life In Motion Yoga on the Upper West Side. She is skilled in acupressure, massage, photography, and bringing ritual to lifecycle events. A native New Yorker who has traveled and lived in Israel, Morocco, Australia, and Europe, she received her Bachelor of Arts in Psychology at Vassar College and worked in the music business for many years. But it was close to home in Brooklyn where she answered the calling to serve pregnant women and new families in NYC. She served as Marketing Director for Coalition for Improving Maternity Services (CIMS') The Birth Survey, and currently is an ambassador with Choices In Childbirth, helping with Brooklyn distribution for the New York Guide to a Healthy Birth. She is a member of DONA International and the Metro Doula Group. Learn more at www.juliamannes.com.




Edya Kalev is an Advanced MELT Instructor who works with clients to relieve chronic pain, improve posture and balance, and build body awareness. The MELT Method (www.meltmethod.com) is a revolutionary new technique which uses specialized foam rollers and rubber balls to hydrate connective tissue and quiet the nervous system. Deeply relaxing, the MELT roller releases tension in the legs, hips, back and neck, while the MELT balls treat the hands and feet. Since the birth of her daughter in 2010, Edya has added prenatal and postnatal movement into her repertoire, and looks forward to helping other moms prepare for birth and get their body back post-partum.



Katie Dreghorn Linden, LCSW