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We know how hard and time consuming it can be to gather information and seek out the best practitioners, services and products. We have created a guide for those expecting and for new moms putting everything together in one place to ensure you have an easy, healthy pregnancy. We will be updating the site regularly with new information. If there is something you would like us to include please let us know.
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We will be talking about labor for the next few months; different positions that can make you more comfortable, work with gravity and move things along.

-Walking or standing can help labor gain momentum in the early stages. Lean on your partner for support during contractions or wrap your arms around your partner's neck and start swaying, or do as though you were slow dancing or do figure eight's with you hips. This positions help your pelvis move about more freely and gravity can assist your baby in moving down into your pelvis.

-Sitting in a chair backwards can help take some pressure off of your back. This is particularly helpful if you are experiencing back labor or if your baby is occiput posterior or face up

-Kneeling over a ball will also help alleviate back pain.

You partner can massage your lower back in all these positions and apply counter pressure which can alleviate the discomfort and be very nurturing

Maternal Massage and More teaches a labor support class where the partner is taught specific massage techniques to alleviate discomfort during labor. It is a wonderful way to get the partner involved, make them confident, and give them direction. Most want to help and this will give them the tools to do it. Accupressure and reflexology are also taught and these can help bring on labor and speeds things along.


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