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I do not use a regular cleaning service for my home, but as I was approaching 38 weeks of pregnancy, not only could I not do what I used to do, but I wanted my home super clean. Nesting must have kicked in, because I had to have my apartment just right before our little girl’s arrival.  I turned to MB Green Cleaning. They are a cleaning service based in the NYC area, and use safe and environmental friendly cleaning products.  I was very impressed with the detailed list they emailed of what was included, and I was able to adjust a few things based on my needs with no problem. MB Green Cleaning will clean the inside and outside of your refrigerator and microwave, and supply organic cleaning products, which is usually considered an extra cost. I did have to supply a few sponges, paper towels, mop and vacuum. They dusted, scrubbed and mopped everything till it was sparkling. They washed my 9ft. windows, cleaned the baseboards and made the bed like hotels do.

The MB Green Cleaning website has a blog that I love. When you do need to clean on your own, the blog gives wonderful advice on using everyday items as natural, non-toxic cleaners as well as the essential tools needed to clean your home. It also offers ways to clean stainless steel, disinfect your sponges and lots more very useful tips. Did you know you should be washing your dishwasher? I had no idea, I tried it and didn’t even realize it needed cleaning until after I did it. It looked brand new afterwards. Also check out their new videos called Clean Casa on youtube.

When your home is begging to glisten and smell good try MB Green Cleaning.

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