My Favorite Books I’m reading to my Toddler


IMG_4503Books are something I feel every child needs and the more the merrier. We had a library waiting for my girl before she was even born. We started reading to her in utero. I really wanted to have a smart kid! Some books were cute, some rhymed and some were just boring. I knew these would be books I would read often and probably, eventually memorize, so I felt I had to be amused by them as well. There are a vast amount out there, but here are a few that we both love and will take your child from birth till about 1-2 grade.

Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See? I love the 50th edition that came out last year that has tabs. It is a classic, and with animals and colors you can’t go wrong. IMG_4509

The Pout-Pout Fish  This is a fun book to read, I suggest being very animated and using different voices. It’s one of my favorites to read. 

Hello, World! Weather 

IMG_4506I love the colors in this book. It is cheery and fun. We also have the Solar System book which I recommend. There any many illustrations on each page of this book, keeping it interesting to point things out.

IMG_4505Hoot: A Hide-and-Seek Book of Counting The cut out owl eyes are really cute, you can play peek-a-boo, hold it up to your eye, stick your finger through. It’s another fun one in our house. 

Curious George’s ABCs I was always intrigued by Curious George as a kid and now mine is too. It has been capturing the hearts and minds of young readers for more than 75 years. The letters in this book mimics the shape of the animal or object that starts with that letter.                IMG_4507

Drippy Fish (Glitter Trail) This is the only non board book, so be careful your little one doesn’t eat or rip it. We’ve had to scotch tape this one a few times. I included it because it’s fun to follow the glitter trail throughout the book. IMG_4508

Clumsy Crab Any book that has bubbles in it is a winner in our house. We also have The Smiley Shark by the same author. This book is vibrant with beautiful illustrations of sea animals. There is a whole series of these books which we plan on getting.IMG_4504 

All of these books have a digital version. I personally like having the actual book, so she can turn the page, touch, point and feel. Of course digital is a great space saver and great for on the go. The pictures you see of the books are our books. They are weathered and used and well loved. One of my favorites growing up, was Amelia Bedilea. I can’t wait till my girl is old enough to enjoy it, and hope she continues to love reading. I used the word fun a lot because that’s exactly what reading these books to your little one will be. Would love to hear the favorite books you’re reading to your kids.


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