When Tragedy Strikes your Neighborhood


My posts up until now have been product and service based, very light and fun, but when a horrific tragedy happens in your neighborhood it’s very personal. Yesterday on March 5th 2 beautiful children were killed when they were struck by a car. “Those two kids were ran over like dogs,” a shell-shocked witness told the Daily News.

We cross this cross walk almost everyday, and when I heard the news yesterday, I was sad and horrified and avoided the news because my heart couldn’t hear it. But, today, I saw their faces and I sobbed, my heart was heavy. It’s devastating to even think what these families are going through. We had a playdate this morning in the neighborhood, and I was jittery, cautious, downright scared. Instead of jaywalking (like I always do) I stopped further away from the curb than usual and waited for the light to change. Instead of texting, talking, emailing on my phone, it stayed in my pocket. I was on high alert and purposefully avoided walking “that way”.  I couldn’t get myself to walk to that cross walk with my daughter today. It has now turned into a memorial and I plan on going there tomorrow.

Our playdate was a success, but the mom and I were jolted by what had happened. The other mom said she cried, worried, didn’t want her husband taking her kid out on the bike in the streets. You can’t help but to think it could have been you, your child, and what can we do to protect our streets, our families.

I know realistically, I’ll go back to jaywalking, although even more cautiously. I’ll try to keep my  phone in my pocket and be more aware.  I am scared, I am angry and am heartbroken. We need to make our streets safer. You can support the families through the Go Fund Me Pages that have been set up. I will add comments on how to help our communities, please add your comments as well.

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Go Fund Me – Ruthie Ann Miles Fund                                                                                                                                      Go Fund Me-Lauren & Charles Lew


There is a vigil tonight at 630pm for Abigail Blumstein and Josh Lew.

Hug and squeeze and love your kids like crazy.

Janet xo

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